Friday, August 23, 2019

No Driver's license, No English and No Worries??

Ok, I am not bashing illegal immigrants at all! This is more of a bigger issue here. It's a pain in the ass when you are involved in a car accident. Injuries, insurance claims, rent a car, and of course.... the aggravation. So when this happens, and you learn that the driver that caused the accident has no license and no insurance, it's a freaking headache. I mean, American's have to make certain that our licenses are up to date and our car insurances are current. So what is the end result? It's not that easy, if the people are here in this illegally, should they be able to get a license? If they do, does it guarantee that they will obtain insurance? Suppose in all states they can get a license, what info would be needed to get it? Now you have Homeland security involved and voting. There's literally so much involved. I certainly do not have the answer, but we have lawmakers that get paid my us to get this resolved for the people. To be able to have the privilege of driving. Today, the people involve in this accident, thank god no one was injured. it just screws their day up. it doesn't help that on this particular street, East Jericho Turnpike the speed limit is 45 mph, but everyone zips through there, I know, I work right where this accident happened. Sure I have sympathy for the lady that has no insurance, I mean I don't know her predicament. What kept her from getting her license??? There's no way these people know how to drive properly, so therefore, it hurts everyone!!! Wake everyone, we need solutions, not bashing, name calling, or even the "go home" crap. Lets move on this and come together and figure this out. I gotta feeling that's why there's so many hit and runs. Just another headache us citizens who do the right thing and someone got you and then leaves. Be safe out there fellow drivers, its going to get worse before it gets better.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Brand new blog

Hello all,
It's good to be back, to the blog. I had separated from the blog so that I can focus on Her-Community2 podcast. Joining me in that creation is Ryan O'neil Williams from I love Babylon Radio and I also on Facebook. Talking to all kinds of people and getting their insights on controversial topics is essentially the most enjoyable experience I have ever done. From sex trafficking, racial tension, immigration  politics, and political correctness, and of course, one of my fav topics besides sex trafficking is government corruption.

1. Government waste: Simple lawmakers need to rein the spending by of course reforming Social Security. Reducing wasteful spending is not an easy task. There are useless programs that are passionately supported by the recipients, administrators, and lobbyists that certainly benefit from them.
2. Sex trafficking: just the sound of that is extremely scary. It is a crime when women, men, and children forcibly involved in sex acts. Supply and demand has made this industry profitable. most are forced into brothels, massage parlors, escort services, and  strip clubs.
3. Political correctness: Without free speech, there is no true thought- Jordan Peterson. I tend to agree on this, have we become so sensitive to be afraid saying the wrong word or phrase, if there is no intent? Something to think about.
4. Immigration: This is truly a heated discussion. It just boils down to three topics, let immigrants in with no limits, build the wall, or immigrants may enter BUT they do it legally. Good topic, again, this is a heated topic.
5. Racial tensions: In this day and age, I cannot believe that as a society, we are still dealing with racial tensions. No race is superior than the other but there are some who undeniable believe this to be true. For whatever reason, that is plain stupidity. Again, another great discussion.

Like I said these topics are very interesting and great conversation starters. As for me, politics and sex trafficking are topics what I like to discuss. I am not looking to change anyone's mind, except just to engage in good conversation.

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