Friday, December 27, 2019

Living on Long Island... Sink or Swim with taxes

A typical Long Island tax bill.

So lets dissect this bill, because everyone here talks about high taxes, but do we actually know where our money goes?? I know I don't. I can assume, but I've learned not to assume anything. I'd rather find out for myself.

1. School District Tax: That tax is $6,928.10 for the North Babylon School District. There's approximately  40,000 households in north Babylon. and that's just North Babylon alone! With that comes out roughly to $277,124,000 but I'm assuming (again I hate to assume) that's because the schools have a heave price tag with salaries. There's an exuberant amount of administration in these schools that is not really necessary. Most Long Islanders think that districts should be combined into two. One in Suffolk and the other in Nassau County, I mean, why not? Many states do that.
Plus without out all those high salaries maybe kids can get air conditioning. The district buildings have them, why not our kids? Hmmmmm Why do we need so many school officials? Yet, schools are constantly hosting fundraisers and PFC'S as well. That's an awful lot of money.

2. Library tax: Ok, yes it's only at $321.47, but multiply that by the average number of households  in North Babylon, that's $12,858,800.00. That's a lot off books and librarians lol. I have to admit, there are programs there too but still, come on.

3. County General fund: Well this a primary fund used by the government entity. This fund used to record all resource inflows and outflows that are NOT associated with special purpose funds.

4. County police: $1,112.54 I guess it needs to be that high considering their salaries. The  average in the six figures after 10 years  lol. But I guess it needs to be that high to live here on Long Island.

5. Highway tax No.1: I couldn't get a definite answer on this , so maybe someone would know, but from what I understand, it is a tax for motor carriers who operate certain motor vehicles on state public highways, but I could be wrong.

6. Town Tax $518.92 not as high as I thought, which is always good.

7. Town outside villages: $51.64 is the tax. I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and assume not many people know what this tax is. Well, thus covers zoning, services that are provided by the town, and  building inspectors in the hamlets that are located in the Town of Babylon. Also the villages pay tax too, but it's separate. (good to know).

8. Jumping down to Out of County Tuition Tax. $57.50 This is a statewide tax that is charged for all students who attend New York community colleges outside their home counties and its paid to where the student is enrolled. That's freaking outrageous! The tax should fall on the student, not the tax payers. I wouldn't expect someone else to pay that fee if my daughter went to a community college in Nassau County, unreal!

9. NY State MTA Tax: $3.98 ok, lets get real here, they say this is a  modest tax. It is not. That is funding for transportation services like the trains, ferries and the subways in the GREATER NEW YORK AREA. So, that means people who live elsewhere in this state pays this and they do not use public transportation. I guess constant fair hikes aren't enough. It's everyone's issue.

So there you have the average tax bill dissection. Bear in mind that this tax bill is 2 years old and it's in Suffolk County, where Nassau County tends to have much higher taxes. Most residents are complaining that high are taxes, getting taxed to death, plus all the fees and penalties that residents like the $90.00 surcharge that was added to our water bills. It's crazy, but you know what? Let's all dissect our tax bills, fees and penalties and follow where the money goes. Ask and question authority, join a civic organization, or create one. There is nothing wrong in finding out where your money goes. PLUS, I STONGLY FEEL 911 FIRST RESPINDERS SHOULD GET A TAX BREAK LIKE MILITARY DOES! IT'S THE LEAST THE STATE CAN DO FOR THEM.

Monday, December 9, 2019

The 2nd amendment


The 2nd amendment. Touchy subject to discuss without getting into a heated argument. For some, the average person is all about gun control, but at what cost?? Making sure to take guns away from the American people? Hell No! I'm not a huge gun advocate, but I am a rights advocate. I mean like why would I want my right as a United States citizen have my 2nd amendment  right taken away? Crazy. I will say this though, I cannot or should not buy a gun or carry one. I will tell you why. I take 3 types of antidepressants. for that reason alone I couldn't. God forbid something happens, but I am  sensible enough to know to continue taking my prescription medication and owning a gun is out of the question. So the average citizen can. They are usually the ones that follow the law and be responsible with their firearms. There are 4 basic cardinal safety rules of firing a handgun.
1. Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
2. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, a direction where a negligent discharge would cause minimum property damage and zero physical injury.
3. Always keep your trigger finger off the trigger and outside guard until you have made a conscious decision to shoot.
4. Always be sure of your target, backstop, and beyond.
There are a few gun organizations that can help you train with firearm safety.

1. Phase 3 Training in Huntington Station, NY
2. Dynamic Firearms Training in Farmingdale, NY
3. Renaissance Firearms Instruction in Uniondale, NY
4. Long Island Firearms in Ronkonkoma, NY
And the most popular and by far outstanding firearm club is the Long Island Womens firearm club. This organization was founded by Lisa Ludwig, a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
You can reach this organization on their website: They also have self defense for women, I encourage women to join.
Alright, with all that being said, now here comes the other issue with guns..... mental health. Yes I said it, it has to be acknowledged. Most people with mental illness do not know they should not have access to guns. That's why we need more screenings and more in depth background checks of individuals to be able to own a firearm. Responsibility is the key. Plus, why do we need for assault rifles?? Shouldn't that be for the police and military?? Why would the average schmo need or want that? Ugh, I do not get it, but its a matter of public safety.
Bottom line, guns in the wrong hands is so dangerous. People and children who are persistently getting bullied at school or the workplace are quick to reach for what they believe is the solution, and take care of the issue. Its a sad situation. Is there an easy answer?? All political parties seem to think they have the perfect answer, but do they? I'm all about safety, that above anything else is most important. Get involved and meet with groups for you to support what you feel is best. I cannot dictate what you believe in but I wouldn't stand by and let anyone attempt to take my rights away. After all......what's next?

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