Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Justice for Thomas Valva

I know everyone by now should recognize this handsome face. If you don't, then you should. His name is Thomas Valva. Did I know him personally? No, but I could have easily. Thomas could have been any other mom's son who is in a legal battle with her ex. This child passed away. Collateral damage in a corrupt system of judges, CPS workers and parents who did the abuse and were essentially arrested for his death. Suffolk County on Long Island, New York is launching an "internal probe" into how Department of Social Services handled this case where this 8 year old boy whose NYPD father had allegedly left him in the family's garage to sleep overnight causing him to freeze to death.
 Now this "probe" will be overseen by DSS Commissioner Frances Pierre, who will investigate into departmental procedures and specific actions in this case. Thomas Valva was found unresponsive at his home in Center Moriches January 17th and then rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead of hypothermia. His dad Michael Valva is a NYPD officer of 15 years and his finance, Angela Pollina were both charged with second-degree murder. By the way, that night when Thomas was forced to sleep in that garage, it went down to 19 degrees, imaging that? 19 degrees! The boy's mom had lost custody of her young son to this monster amid a bitter divorce custody battle. The authorities had ignored her claims that this boy along with his siblings were being abused by their father. Now, how can an internal probe work efficiently? I don't know if it can. Anytime there is wrong doing, an outside agency with fresh eyes and ears need to look into another agency so their input is not tainted. Just my take. The people involved, case workers, judges, and everyone else directly involved should be removed or at least suspended , having an internal investigation is a systemic failure. Now, it was previously revealed by the Post that New York State office of Children and Family Services recorded a complaint about a child being forced to sleep in a garage at the Valva residence in 2019 but the this was unfounded. Hmmmmm. The record  came from a phone call from February 2019! A bunch of us women went to the candlelight vigil that was held Sunday, January the 26th. Kathy Cole, Lisa Ludwig, Dorothy Price Hill, Myself and our daughters went. It was very sad and heartbreaking to hear the mother of Thomas Valva  speak about this terrible and mostly important, PREVENTABLE tragedy. Someone definitely dropped the ball here. Yes I'm certain that case workers are overworked and under staffed, but who's fault is that? Where the hell does our tax payer money go to??? Who exactly is accountable?? or who is going to be the fall guy?? Lots of blame to go around, but no one is stepping up. The system FAILED plain and simple. Local angry moms and dads are banding together and wanting answers and to heal, but how? First we need answers, then preventative measures, then the healing process can move forward, but we need accountability!!! All local elected officials have been called upon to attend a certain meeting that a local resident has organized, but not one local elected official has RSVP that they will attend and speak to their constituents about this community outcry for justice, preventative measures, and answers. If you are interested in attending or want details on how to become a part of this, please feel free to send an email to Hercommunity2@gmail.com and I will forward to the proper person who is managing help to the mother of Thomas Valva. This can happen to anyone in the system, us parents need to be aware of what is happening to our children and speak out. I have been hugging my daughter like crazy since this tragedy. Silence is no more a luxury.

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