Thursday, May 21, 2020

To mask or not to mask/ Covid-19.

Ok Ok Ok. We all have been hearing about wearing the face mask and the conspiracy theorists who feel we do not need to wear it. Well, I am not a fan of wearing it, actually, I hate it. I wear my face mask out of the consideration of my fellow man. Does it really do anything? No one really knows for certain. It changes all the time.  So what's the harm in wearing it? NOTHING. I believe in opening our state but at a slow pace, wear the mask and practice social distancing. I try to keep my distance when I have to go out in public. I am kinda leery in catching Covid-19. My daughter and I both have an  autoimmune disease. I am afraid what type of an effect it would have on her or myself. We take the necessary  precautions to make sure we are doing our part. My Alexa has been quarantined inside our home since March 20th. I have to say this girl has not complained yet about staying doors, Lol. When by some chance she goes with me, she is great about wearing her mask. What I cannot understand is some people all over social media claiming that wearing the mask should not be worn and actually protesting not to wear it in stores, as in the case of the woman in Los Angeles (my hometown) where she refused to wear her mask and caused a scene after she was told to please wear her face mask, and she refused, so the employee called 911. Alright, I have a few issues with this, like, why did she have to try and make a statement by refusing to wear the mask? Just do it, you'll have peace and quiet and will not become the brunt of punch lines and her face all over social media. I get it, something's are worth fighting for. But this? No! In a unpredictable time, we need to help each other through this, it is not everyman for himself. We are a community far and wide. Humanity and compassion is our strength. I hate wearing my mask, but if it provides a sense of security for others, then yes I will continue to wear this lipstick smudging face mask. I mean really, it might save my life or others. Now there are a small percentage of, lets just say, so-called intelligent folks who are ranting how our rights are being infringed upon. Really??? Maybe it is because you do not have the intellect to wear the mask and understand how contagious this virus is. I see over social media these dummies are holding paperwork that they had downloaded and printed that Covid-19 has been perpetrated last year when no one ever heard of it, cause it is in the Cares Act which was introduced on March 25th of this year. Now, what most folks do not know or care to do their fact checking, is that The CARES act is a substitute amendment, replacing the title and language of an older unrelated bill. It was originally H.R. 748, the Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019. So, there isn't a "conspiracy". Life would be so much easier to live if we can only be in harmony but I guess that is not possible for some. Some people truly love the drama and cause a ripple in our daily lives as we as a society are trying to navigate through these trying times. We do NOT need to buy up all the paper goods, so there is none for our neighbors. We do NOT need to buy up all the meat, there is no food shortage. We DO need to wear face masks, unless you do not want this to scale down and want to continue to wear these masks during the holidays. People out there are truly helping others, especially with the food pantries. That is a welcome relief and so inspiring to see our community members stepping up to help others. After all,WE can get through this, WE will get through this, and remember.... It is not everyman for himself, we are neighbors and for humanity's sake, we need to take better care of ourselves and others. Be safe, be well, and peace and love!

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