Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Yes, All Lives Matter

This is getting ridiculous, never did I ever thought I would have to write, all lives matter. We all want inclusion, equality, and treated the same, but why do folks feel the need to point out our racial differences? How about justice for all? As of 09/11/2020 there have been 307 police officers who died in the line of duty, that were added to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Pretty freaking sad.  These men and women leave their homes and families to go to work to protect the public, and they have to look over their shoulders worrying if they might not make it home. Police departments have a come a long way since the first police departments was assembled. As protests have spread around the globe, the pressure is on police departments and politicians, particularly in the United States, to do something — from reforming law-enforcement tactics to defunding or even abolishing police departments.


Scientists have tried to identify some predictive factors, such as racial bias, a bad temper, insecure masculinity and other individual characteristics, many of which can be identified through simulations already used in officer training5. Science suggests that such screening could help with vetting officers before they are recruited. But raising the bar for hiring might be impractical, it cautions, because many police departments are already struggling to attract and retain highly qualified candidates.

The first police force.

The very first public police force was created in Boston in 1838 in response to urging in private businesses. Police departments are a major part of local government operations and the 2nd largest budget item after education. So yes, they are very much needed, to be honest, we see the rise in criminal behavior existing now, police officers are essentially a target. This past May 2020, I was driving on the LIE, heading eastbound. I was driving a little above the speed limit on a Sunday afternoon. I was driving my Lincoln SUV. I pulled over on the shoulder and waited for the officer to approach my window. Mind you, I am a middle age woman, (51), blonde hair, brown eyes, Hispanic female. As he approached my window, I leaned over to my glove box to get my insurance card and registration. He immediately asked me to keep both hands on the wheel, and then move slowly with my right hand to retrieve my info. I COMPLIED, and then handed him my documents. Now, in no way did I get offended or even attempt to challenge him. I was always taught just be polite and do what the officer asks you to do. Should I have been offended? Why should I be? There is a protocol for officer safety, I certainly wouldn't want to make the officer to feel threatened for his life. Can you imagine pulling over a vehicle and not knowing who is driving or in the car? What might the driver do? The possibilities are frightening. But yet so many people often cry, well that is what they signed up for! But yet the fear is real. 

What we need. 

What we need is for our police departments to know that they are appreciated, they are needed, they are wanted, they are valued. in our communities. Its a job and a way of life for our officers, so this blatant disrespect for our officers is unacceptable. 

Support our officers

I for one, stand with our police and support Blue Lives Matter, but I will also add that ALL lives matter, along with our children, and every human being on this planet. Let's take care of one another. There is so much hate, unfriending, blocking, yelling and friends disconnecting because people think they are racists. I am NOT a racist! I simply support police. My first husband was a police officer for LAPD, 2nd was NYPD, both were excellent police officers. I know what it was like to be the wife at home with young kids as their dad went to work and always worried if he would be coming home. My first husband actually worked the Rodney King riots. Those were equally scary times. But we got through it, and we will again. 


That is what will end this. Not defunding, not being politically correct, but simply unification. 
Peaceful protests are great, they initiate change. Let's organize, support, and create a great sense of pride in our communities and live strong. 

Peace and love!

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