Monday, October 26, 2020

A wolf in sheeps clothing. My side.

This pic pretty much sums up what I see in people who say they are a man of the cloth. I am no longer a victim. 
This person portrayed himself as valuable asset to the Township where I live.  It was about two years ago when I was sexually assaulted (forcible touching) by a host, T.H. of the internet radio program The Lions Roar. People tend to trust others, especially if they portray themselves as a leader in a church. The betrayal is harder to accept when it's by someone you trust.
My Story.
 So here I am, nothing more than a mother, spouse, and a community activist. "Rev" T.H. had texted me through Facebook messenger, and asked if I would like to be a guest on his internet radio program The Lions Roar. I said yes, I love discussing community and politics. Then after 3 weeks, T.H. had asked if I would be interested in becoming his co host of The Lions Roar program. It was a once a week gig. It was recorded in a church administrative building in the Town of Babylon, so it was close to home. The format was a little off,  the host was very anti-Trump, it was interesting how our guests reacted to the host reading his newspaper clippings regarding Trump. After the program, we would congregate in the lobby area and take photo ops with our guests. That's when the drama started.  T.H. had starting feeling comfortable and resting his hands on my rear and the side of my breast while we would line up (wedding photo style). That's when the host seized the opportunity and began to touch, grab, and squeeze.  This went on for quite sometime, so you have to understand why it was hard for me to stand up for myself in the situation. 
I grew up in the Catholic church
. Our family was heavily involved in the church. Our parish priest was like part of the family. Ate at our home and other parishioners as well. Priests are what we look up to. In a way I would feel the same way for any church official, until now. The sexual inappropriate touching was escalating and I couldn't take it any longer. I had documented everything in a journal. My thoughts, good and bad. The reason for me doing this? Its kinda like therapy. Having someone to talk to, my journal. My most deepest thoughts put down on paper for only eyes only. To think to share something so intimate was unheard of. I had wanted to submit my two weeks notice, and I had requested for Rev T.H. to be removed from the program until after I leave from my notice. I was told no. I was offered my own internet program, Her-Community2, but I had a podcast and Blog with Her-Community2 already. I went with it, but I lasted two months, I was always afraid I might run into T.H. even though I was rest assured, but I left anyways, just to be safe. I was given great advice, make a police report. I really didn't think this was going to go anywhere, but it did feel good to tell another person who took me serious. Suffolk County Police Department 1st precinct was awesome. They assigned a Detective, who was very caring, and he took the report. In January,of 2019 T.H. was arrested by SCPD. He was essentially released on his own recognizance. Now for the rest of the year, it was back and forth for him to see the judge. The Assistant District Attorney contacted me regarding the case. It was going to a Jury trial! I was very nervous. It was basically my word against his. I did have other victims come forward and give their statement, which helped out, tremendously. I was prepped by the A.D.A on what to expect from her, the judge, jurors and of course the defense attorney. I did two days of testimony and I made my exit. I testified, Thursday and Friday. The jury received it on a Monday. That same day the jury came back GUILTY! I had received the news that afternoon., I cried, I mean I really cried. I also felt relief. This person cannot do this to someone without a conviction. The sentencing is in December, which I plan to be there to read my victims impact statement. I will be heard again. I made a terrible mistake. I should have talked to someone about this before, and I just didn't know who.
Me now:
I am confident, strong and I totally feel empowered. Speaking more and more about this has given me confidence. People care, People will listen, People will help you. Trust me, there is help out there. I am always available to anyone who wants to confide, ask questions or simply reach out to me and I can certainly direct you to the right source. 

I always post great info. 
Take care and do not become a victim! 

Love and Peace!

Numbers I always post:

National Trafficking Hotline: 1(800) 373-7888  7/days a week. 24 hours. They offer hotline in over 200 languages!  

RAINN - National Sexual Assault Hotline- 1-800-656-4673
National Domestic Violence Hotline- 1-800-799-SAFE

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