Tuesday, October 13, 2020

American and local politics. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

 These last few weeks has had the country fired up. My mother always had said, like most, you cannot discuss politics, religion and abortion. Well, I'm going to have to say she was right. People get so heated and take it so personal if you do not agree with them. Like why do I have to agree with you? I have my own brain and my own train of thought. The way I see it? I don't have the time nor the energy to try to change your mind. There's points to every side. I am more the type to agree that we disagree. Some folks are on social media and name calling each other and throwing insults. I love my choices on who I plan to vote for. I have never missed an election to cast my ballot. Above in that pic is my 5th child, Alexa. I took this shot while our family took a vacay in Washington D.C. I have been trying to raise her to be a educated and become an opinionated young lady and the importance of her to exercise her future right to vote. It wasn't so long ago that us women did not have that right. 
Yep that's me. My mother was very much into politics and activism. As you can see, she did not hesitate to dress us patriotically. So, of course this has definitely made me pass this on to my children. Now, enough about that, we have an election coming up. First the Presidential elections. 

Republican President Donald Trump VS. Democratic candidate Joseph Biden.

Honestly? I am ready to say publicly that yes, I am voting for Trump. Why? I feel Biden is too weak and will appease anyone who will listen. When he took a knee, that literally screamed weakness. How can a President look Presidential while kneeling? That totally rubbed me the wrong way. Plus his policies, what are his policies?? Whatever you want to hear. Biden has so many gaff's that he is a running punch line for dementia. Now I have comprised a list of our local elections and my support and who I think has an excellent chance in winning. I don't or ever have voted strictly by a political party. That's a foolish act. You have to do your due diligence and see who the better candidate is. Up until this year I was a registered Democrat. Yep I sure was. What made me re register? The democrats sponsored the No Cash Bail law. I felt so disgusted that I knew right then and there, it was time to jump ship. I'm totally OK with my decision. 
Donald Trump (R)*
He has what it takes to run this country. He's strong opinionated and is strongly supportive to the United States. 
Joseph Biden (D)*

U.S. House
District 1
Lee Zeldin (R)*
My pick to win. 
District 2
Andrew Garbarino (R)*
He is backed by Rep Peter King. That's enough for me. 
District 3
Thomas Suozzi (D)*
Yes I know he's a Democrat, but this guy has accomplished a lot for his community. 
District 4
Kathleen Rice (D)*
I know, another Democrat, but like i said before, its what they have done, she is in action.
District 11
Max Rose (D)*
A war hero. Nuff said. 
District 14
John Cummings (R)*
I like him. lol, That's enough. 

District 3
Monica Martinez (D)*
Shes Hispanic and she's a woman who does right by her community. She gets my support. 
District 4
Phil Boyle (R)*
This man is a class act. it does not matter to him what political party you are affiliated with, he is there for his constituents. I've seen this man at more events in the past than any other politician, always and I mean always there for the community. This man cares. 
I'm going to add a side note on this race, Democrat Christine Pellegrino is running against him. Why? Who knows? She was a terrible NYS assemblywoman. She had quit her teaching position and took a low paying job at the Board of Elections when no one would return her calls, so now she's looking to run against our Senator Phil Boyle. This isn't even a race, she has had maybe two supported fundraisers that I can honestly say had low turnout, I wonder why? 
District 5
James F. Gaughran (D)*
I do not know this politician, but I do see him all over social media within the community and made himself available to his constituents....huge!
District 7
Anna Kaplan (D)*
Again, a positive female role model for our community.
District 8 
John Brooks (D)*
A favorite of mine. He listens to his constituents. 
District 9
Todd Kaminsky (D)
This man must be glued to his social media account or he has someone doing it for him, because he addresses every issue on Facebook.
NYS Assmbly
District 1
Fred Thiele (D)*
My choice
District 2
William V. Van Helmond (L)*
Had the pleasure of having this candidate as a guest on Her-Community2 Podcast.
He has great ideas and a great sense of community. 
District 3
Joseph De Stefano (R)
A great choice
District 5
Douglas Smith (R)*
Again, my choice. 
District 10
Steve Stern (D)*
I am always hearing good things about this man, so much positive chatter. 
District 11
Kimberly Jean-Pierre (D)*
This woman has a strong following in her district. She is truly involved in her community and makes herself available to her constituents. A huge plus!

Of course there are lots more candidates, but these are my favs that I think will win the election. Good luck to them and let's pray to God that if they do win, that they are given the wisdom, heart and soul to lead our communities to great things for our children.November 3rd is coming very close, so please, do your homework, get involved! We constantly need new folks to run for seats so there can be fresh ideas and challenge old ones. Whatever your party affiliation, do it for the community you live in, for the next generation and our children. I wish all the candidates well. I'm personally looking forward to election night and celebrating the winners!


Peace and Love to all.

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