Saturday, March 27, 2021

The secret of domestic violence

This was originally written in 2018

HER-Community2 met with Pam Elias of Seaford, New York. Pam is a survivor of domestic violence. Domestic violence breeds heavy when the abuser knows his victim is too week to leave or report. She suffered from physical, verbal and emotional abuse from her ex-boyfriend. Pam has five children. Three from her abuser and two from a previous relationship. What makes Pam unique is her will and determination. I met Pam back in 2013 at Farmingdale State college. I liked her from the very beginning and we remained friends since then. Pam's third child, Antonio was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant disorder and Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity disorder. Pam met Carlos at a restaurant 7 years ago where they both worked in, for the first few years the relationship was very good Pam says. It wasn't until after she had her second son with him that things went bad. He became increasingly angry and violent towards Pam and eventually he was alienating her other son Antonio from his kids that him and Pam had together. Pam's willingness to strive to keep her family together no matter what comes from her parents, who are very family oriented. Pam finally had the courage and mindset to end her relationship with Carlos when he started to grab her son Antonio. To her that was the final straw and ended it, plus had a restraining order against him. Her children now are happy and thriving. Pam is no longer scared to say anything and feels independent. She now in a healthy relationship and taking care of her children.. Her outlook on life is amazing. Pam is positive, focused and a super mom. I asked Pam where does she see herself in five years? Her answer? working in a hospital as a medical assistant and finding love. For Pam Elias, she can and will achieve anything she wants to do in life

Domestic violence hotline 1-800-799-SAFE
If you are afraid to go online, use the number above. It's safe, confidential,and free. .they have resources, offer support and hope. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Town of Babylon Candidate for Town Clerk. Meet the Candidate, Catherine Corella

Hi everyone!  Coming from the beautiful Town of Babylon, 
As I usually address this greeting in my podcast, Her-Community2. I also have created The Latinas Voice podcast. Both are helping women's voices be heard and counted. Us women come from all different types of  backgrounds, but one thing we should be doing is become united. There's a difference with me, there's the Republicans and the Democrats. I am not a right wing, but I do listen to reason. Believe it or not, I used to be a Democrat lol, I switched because my values didn't  relate  to the Democratic anymore. Plus, the no cash bail law, put a pit in my stomach. That's when I knew I had to switch parties. The idea of no bail for the underprivileged who commit low level petty crimes, seemed like a good idea? But then the Democrats added in violent crimes on that list. No thanks, now I'm a proud Republican.  I vote what is right. I stay true to my convictions and I listen to both sides, before I make any type of decision. 
So lets start at the beginning.
I was born in 1969 in Huntington Park, a suburb of Los Angeles in California. We are of Mexican descent. Actually Mexican/ Aztecan. I love my culture and I am very proud. I learned a lot of that culture from my dad and my Abuelita (grandma). We made tortillas, tamales, and carnitas. Learning her special recipe for Mexican rice is still the best I have ever tasted. So many people often say, you don't look Spanish.
 Trust me, our Hispanic culture comes in all sizes and colors. 
Yep the dark hair, olive skin, and the big brown eyes! Again, I'm proud of my heritage. I never had hard struggles in my life. I went through a hard divorce, My ex didn't want it, but I did, He simply cheated- I couldn't go back after such betrayal. We had 4 kids together. I took them to New York with me, but they ended up hating it. They moved to their dad's, where the mommy bashing continued. I can't blame him, he was hurt and in the process of the divorce, I met and fell in love with truly the man the of my dreams, another cop, Bob. But this one was different, loving and caring. We had a child together, my 5th one, Alexa Dawn Brady. I have now lived on Long Island, Deer Park for almost 15 years now. This is our home. My daughter has attended Deer Park schools since Pre-K.

 Now, I was always community minded and I love to unify people and communities together.
I was lucky enough to be a founding member of the Deer Park Community Association, and soon became president. During that time,  I was creating a business committee, as it turned out, it grew to become the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce. I knew nothing on how that would work, but guess what? I did so much research and  homework and countless hours on my computer. I did have some help along the way, the board of directors was too big, the reason being...… Its hard to say no to people who want to join. It was exciting getting people together. 
My passion. My desire is to make things safer for our kids, and harsher on the predators. This girl, my last one of the bunch keeps me focused and totally supports me in supporting and empowering women.  

My next chapter was The Deer Park/ North Babylon Kiwanis chapter.
 I had great people come on board to form this. Greg Bravo did an excellent job running that organization. A great leader, I was proud that he took the leadership of that organization, I stayed on as secretary, but soon had to leave to pursue my next venture, which is my brand, Her-Communty2. Its a blog, podcast and the latest podcast, The Latinas Voice. My podcast provides a voice for the broken, disconnected, and hopeless. I try to give all the information I have obtained to share with others to help guide them to the path they once were, back to themselves before their unfortunate circumstances. Bringing social injustice  to the table for discussion, bring awareness of the evils of child sex trafficking rings, corruption, fraud, and domestic violence.  Both are established, and now I am attempting my next venture, politics. Yes I said it, politics. Why? I love change, make a difference in our community and live in a strong and  prosperous community, which as of right now, it can use some improvement. We need to get back to basics, too many layers of government. Being an elected official, you represent the people. Its a tireless position, but I'm up for it. 
My total inspiration for everything I have done comes from Author, Paige Dearth. She write about sexual abuse, sex trafficking, domestic violence. When you read her books, it will light a spark in you. It did for me.

I would appreciate your vote in November for Town of Babylon ,Town Clerk. 
The love of my life the past 20 years. We share 7 kids all included plus 8 grandkids together. This is the greatest man I know. 

Catherine Corella
Candidate for Town of Babylon Town Clerk (R)

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