Thursday, April 22, 2021


What's not to love about Long Island, New York?
 We have amazing beaches, restaurants, enriched history, and a quick drive to Manhattan. However, people are moving out of New York in huge numbers. As I had stated back a few posts, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so when I moved to Long Island 15 years ago, I saw beauty and nice weather with all the four seasons. Some would say we live a fast paced life here, maybe, but I love that. The parks are so beautiful, my personal favorite is Belmont Lake. So many hidden gems on this Island, like the restaurants and deli's here. The best thing here is the BAGELS and oh I cannot forget the egg sandwich on a roll with butter from a deli. So, over the course of time, more and more people are moving out of Long Island, New York. Why? Its does get bitterly cold here in the winter where you just don't want to deal with that and snow. That's why most of our seniors move to Florida. The thing is, it's not just seniors anymore, it's families. I spoke to a Long Island native that moved to Florida. I asked him why? To be born and raised here, why now?

He had many reasons, extremely high taxes, expensive parks and beaches, yes we have to pay on top of the taxes. red light cameras, which they hiked from $50 to $80. The potholes, yes the potholes, I know everyone complains but we have pretty big ones and it can damage your car significantly. According to NY Department of Labor from 2017, the average salary is $57,650 that's a great salary if you happen to live out of state. Unfortunately, we now have  multigenerational style families, with more than one family living in one home is  high here, especially when the average cost of a house here is $500,000 so when you can, do the math. 
Now according to the former resident, taxes, corruption, and potholes. Maybe in that order. I think people get angry with high taxes because we have nothing to show for it, yet we still have to pay to have access to our parks and beaches. Corruption. Yes it's rampant here, it's so bad that an average every day resident are stepping up to engage and run in elections, (like me, running for Town Clerk in the Town of Babylon). I am not certain there is corruption at this level (who knows) in politics, but there certainly is with county government and up.

Those stinking potholes!
Yes, we have a lot, So far I've been lucky and not hit one, but once you do, again, it can do a lot of damage to your car. Then you have to go through the hassle of getting a new tire and whatever else got damaged. It's somewhat annoying that we pay so much in taxes, and what are we getting out of it? In politics, we need new faces, new ideas, and the common man with a plan. The politicians here just recycle to another position once their term run out. I would list, but then this would take forever to read.
We need industry.
I wasn't living here on Long Island back in the day, but from what I understood from local residents, the economy was solid. There were huge companies that employed locals with great salaries. Many companies left to operate in another state where the taxes are lower. The largest employer now is Northwell Health, it's a health care provider on Long Island. We need more industry here that can sustain us than making making minimum wage at retail shops, even that's closing little by little, which means more people out of work. I guess everyone complains about this island, but people are fed up and uproot and move to another state , such as Florida or the Carolinas. I can see that, you get more bang for your buck. Like one resident told me, somethings got to give, no one can afford anything. The need for some sort of accountability is just a fraction of what is needed from the politicians who ran our state into a hot mess. People gave up and moved. 
The way I see it.
I'm going to have to agree with the local residents who want to stay here, something has to change. Most politicians here make close if not, over 6 figures, for what? Where's the quality of life? We can get on a path to a better quality of life with planning, making incentives to attract corporations to settle here and while chain stores are closing, lets aid the small businesses to recovery who employ our locals. 
Hope, pray and get involved in your community, there's power in numbers. If the politician you voted for is still in office and everything is still the same and getting better? Time to make that vote count! Thanks for reading and supporting this blog, as always I appreciate all feedback. 
Peace and Harmony.
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