Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Covid-19, Delta Variant, Masks, and our children.


Fall of 2001 with me and my baby.


 Now there's been screaming matches about the masks' being worn and the vaccinations being administered. I never really had an opinion on either one to be frank. When Covid-19 became a pandemic, I just wore my mask because I just didn't feel like defending myself or create a fuss. Our youngest daughter, who is 15 years old, continued her dance classes through zoom. School was done remotely. I would have my groceries delivered to my home, so everything was semi-normal. I spent a lot of my time working on projects that kept me busy. My other four kids are grown and moved out, living their own life. My daughter had her middle school graduation as a drive thru. It was the most ridiculous thing I ever witnessed. I did understand, but still, come on. 

I am going to fast forward to 2020.

We had adjusted to pandemic life. My daughter was attending school with only Wednesday's being the remote learning day. I have to tell you, my daughter, Alexa, has told me some funny shenanigans that went on with remote learning. Kids that weren't in that class, would hijack the class and play very loud rap music while the camera is focused on a ceiling fan. other would disguise their voice and name call a teacher (not funny) and other clueless teenage life stuff. So then, the kids did in fact have to wear their masks to school. I wasn't a fan of it, I mean the idea a paper mask can halt a pandemic seemed silly to me. 


It's now June 2021. 

My older daughter, tells me that she is in the hospital for Covid symptoms. I'm like, ok. Are you ok?Now, she's texting me, and I decide I want to facetime her, (I'm annoying like that) and she texts me she cannot speak, that its too difficult because she can hardly breathe. That's when it kind of

hit me. She's freaking 28 years old! This was on a Saturday, the following Monday morning.....They took the baby by C-section and put my daughter on a ventilator. The baby was taken two months early and was placed in a different hospital in the NICU unit. So now, my daughter is in a medical induced coma and in the Covid ICU unit. No visitors at all. I am at home on Long Island and she's in a faraway state. I suddenly become a zombie overnight. All I can think about is my little baby all by herself in a unit with no one but the nurses were incredible. Always explaining to me her condition and always compassionate.  Her blood pressure was 199/198, she was put on dialysis because her kidneys had failed, her temperature was from 105-106 degrees. After a month like this, she was finally moved to regular ICU. We flew out right away to visit her. She came a long way the doctors' told us. She still has to be on the feeding tube and the ventilator, which now was moved to a tracheotomy that was done on her. I cried when I saw her. She looked so different, plus she was awake! She was full aware of what was going on. She knew who I was and Bob (my partner)too. Thank God!

August 31, 2021

How do I feel about the masks and vaccinations? I don't know, there's way too much information contradicting out there. First Bob was vaccinated, then he insisted our daughter, Alexa get vaccinated. I mean, what can I do? She wanted to get vaccinated and he wanted her too as well. Then, I finally caved, I got vaccinated too. I still do not believe in it because, my daughter, who caught covid, was vaccinated and was very diligent in wearing a mask. She still caught it. I really don't know what to think or feel about this. New information is coming out everyday. Do what you feel is right and safe for you and your family. As for the screaming matches... life is about you and your family. I am not a fan of the masks or the vaccines. I do not mind showing my vaccine card to anyone. I had to show my vaccination card when I entered into kindergarten in the 70's, what's the difference? no real private info is on there., But that's me. 

It's not Covid ripping us apart, it's the info on how to handle it and people interfering that shouldn't. Decipher what information you receive to determine what's best, talk it over with your family and do the best you can. This story was simply about what we went through as a family with this. I wish everyone safety and health. 

Peace be with you! Lets try to love our neighbors. 

P.S. My daughter is on her way to recovering. Only her lungs will not be 100% but that's alright, she is ALIVE.


  1. Your story was riveting. I found myself holding my breath reading about your daughter. I'm so happy she is on the road to recovery. Follow the Science. And put your own opinions on a shelf. Spread the word that everyone must be vaccinated.

  2. And to wear a mask. Give into it for the sake of your family, friends, neighbors and yourself.


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